Chapter 1008 Bismarck/Mandan ND

Welcome to our Chapter!!


The purpose of an EAA IMC Club is very simply to help each other as pilots.  This is basically organized “hanger flying” with an IMC (i.e., instrument flying) focus.  Pilots are encouraged to share their stories because the acquisition of good judgment comes from the exercise of bad judgement and thus the IMC Club provides an opportunity to learn from each other.

The EAA IMC Club website also sponsors a safety pilot database and pilots are encouraged to take opportunities to fly in actual IMC with other more experienced pilots and CFIIs.  Those interested in flying IMC and acquiring the rating are also encouraged to attend.

IMC Club Meetings

Over the past years, pilots have submitted stories to the IMC Club and those have been turned into short video scenarios.  These videos are watched and they provide organization during monthly IMC Club meetings for guided discussion and sharing among the pilots in attendance.  A new scenario is generated every month.  Meetings are held separate and apart from the regular Chapter meetings.  

Below is a link to a short video on IMC Club (note that this was made prior to combining with EAA).


 IMC Club History

The IMC Club was started in 2010 and quickly grew to 120 chapters and over 3,000 members.  In late 2015, the IMC Club was acquired by EAA.  Existing IMC Club chapters are being merged with local EAA Chapters and stand-alone IMC Clubs are becoming new EAA Chapters.  Also, as in our case, new IMC Clubs are being formed at existing EAA Chapters.  Work is stil being done to process the acquisition of the IMC Club by EAA.  For example, the IMC Club website is being phased out and will be replaced by the the EAA IMC Club website.

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